Mind Your Precious Self

Origins of the
'Mind Your Precious Self' Podcast

As a Counselling Psychotherapist I often had clients who felt unanchored, sad and anxious and these symptoms were exacerbated during the pandemic years. I started to post daily on Instagram and Facebook on a myriad of topics based around building up our immune system and resetting our lives. I coalesced all my previous seemingly disparate training and life experience to offer advice that was physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. At the time I had no idea what would happen next but it felt important to do. My heart was so lifted by the huge response in social media comments and by email. This tiny seed grew quickly into a fledgling oak. Here below are the Podcasts that have sprung from these small beginnings. I hope you like them and consider joining me some day for my next series of talks or at my events.

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The Ethos Behind the Podcast

practical tips

I feel that small do-able steps are important. Advice that is easy to try and translate into new behaviours and habits that will become part of your epic life.


Often clients share that they felt so alone with their issue thinking that they are the only ones experiencing these symptoms now they are in good company.

Holistic Living

I am a big advocate of harnessing our mind, body and soul together as each of these vital parts work synergistically so we can be the best we can be.


Detox Advice

Our human system is now often overloaded by certain foods such as sugar, alcohol and trans fats. I offer simple tips to cut down with tasty alternatives. 

Academic research

Where possible I use my academic skillset to enhance the tried and tested tips I offer most of which have been trialed personally by me over the years.

Keep it simple

All that I offer comes from the premise that if the advice is simple and makes sense then it is easy to action and weave into a daily habit.

Mind Your Precious Self Podcast Episodes

Personal Pampering

Spring Detox

Spring Clean Your Mind

Increase Your Self Worth

Stress and how to cope

Mid Life Crisis or Mid Life Opportunity?

Trim Tummys

Bountiful Abundance

Holistic Grieving

Older, Wiser & Finer

How to Survive the Festive Season and Live to Tell the Tale

Upcoming Episodes

April -
Springclean Your Mind

May -
Increase Self-Worth

June -
Stress and Coping

July -
Mid Life Opportunity

August -
Trim Tummys

September -
Bountiful Abundance

October -
Holistic Grieving

November -
Older, Wiser, Finer

December -
Surviving Christmas

Upcoming Episodes

Mid Life Opportunity

Bountiful Abundance

Trim Tummys

Holistic Grieving

Older Wiser Finer

Surviving Christmas

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