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If you have any questions regarding my Talks, Courses and Trainings or indeed need help to find what you are looking for, please contact me here.

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The Rhiannon Clinic, St Paul’s Grounds, North King Street, Smithfield, Dublin 7.

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My Services

There are many ways to engage with the various services here from regular tips and advice on my Instagram and Facebook to a complimentary Blog post. You might like to sign up for a one hour Webinar Talk and then perhaps a full Workshop. If you are a Counsellor or Therapist you might consider further training with me to bring an energetic spiritual dimension to your clinical practice.

My Therapeutic Clinic

As a Counselling Psychotherapist I bring over 20 years of clinical experience to my hour long sessions . I introduce my Energy Therapy Technique to these when appropriate.

Mind Your Precious Self Courses

Following my daily Instagram and Facebook Holistic Detox during the Covid-19 pandemic, this series mushroomed organically into a variety of short Talks and Courses.

Energy Therapy Technique

This innovative technique facilitates therapists to harness an energetic and spiritual dimension in their clients quest for wholeness during their therapeutic clinic sessions.

Holistic Workshops and Talks

I have listened intently to clients and corporate leaders asking for the same advice. These are highly informative sessions are educational, entertaining and life changing.