My Clinical Practice

Counselling Psychotherapy

My approach to this classic talk therapy is holistic, person centred, inclusive and most importantly empowering. I am trained in Brief Solution Focused technique which offer clients the opportunity to overcome their issues in approximately 6-8 sessions.

Specific Sessions Offered

My clinical practice consists of two different types of therapy – Counselling Psychotherapy and Energy Therapy and both are interchangeable.

Counselling Psychotherapy/Stress Management

Personal Investment: 1 hour €85.00

Speak about your worries, fears or phobias with an understanding professional in a private, confidential one-to-one situation. Learn to use your mind more effectively to improve your life and overcome any problems.

Energy Therapy

Personal Investment: 1.5 hour €100.00

This therapy originates from the shamanic way of healing and involves deep energy work with simple meditative-like techniques. There is an initial detailed consultation to discuss any issue you wish to address and to uncover any blockage you need to breakthrough to move forward with your life. The technique involves visualisation, Yoga breathing plus a unique combination of self energy and bodywork that I facilitate as you come to a place of insight in this safe and caring space. The discussion afterwards gives you guidelines to anchor the energy shift in your life effectively. The Energy Therapy Technique may be a stand alone session or integrated within a series of Counselling Psychotherapy sessions.

The Benefits of Counselling Psychotherapy with the Energy Therapy Technique

Today more and more people understand the palpable effects of talking with a professional who is trained to listen with respect and non-judgement who asks pertinent questions to delve into the source of and solution to the issue presented. Classically the one hour session begins with detailed questionnaire so that a full picture of all the relevant and contributing factors are taken into account. It is really important to make sure that the environment feels safe and that as a client you are ready to open up as much or as little as is comfortable the first time. We work together to reveal not only the sources of the issue but importantly where you wish to aim for with the solution. As a trained holistic therapist I take into account not simply your mental and emotional needs but also your physical and energetic/spiritual needs.

Back in the days of Hippocrates, the ‘father of Medicine’ a person was treated from a body, mind and soul perspective no matter their presenting problem. In the time of Descartes, the 16th century French philosopher, there was a split and the body was looked after by the medical fraternity, the mind and emotions were the domain of science and the spiritual was looked after by formal religions.

Nowadays we have a more cohesive approach where there has been a recognition of the wisdom of harnessing all the body, mind and soul as a way to return to full health. My philosophy is to follow my clients lead when offering them all of the ways we can work together. The Energy Therapy Technique taps into their spiritual beliefs which may be a formal religion, an ecletic mix or indeed no faith at all. This simple 40 minute treatment is now favoured over all the many techniques I offer as a way to shift deep seated issues quickly and effectively.

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Online: via Zoom or Skype

In-Person: St. Paul’s Grounds, North King Street, Dublin 7

Clinic Hours

Monday – Friday 10.00am – 7.00pm

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+00 353 (01) 6704905

Clinic Update

My Clinic is currently fully booked.

However if you’d like to work with me, I will be facilitating Courses and Workshops bringing balance and harmony into your life including topics from my popular Instagram/Facebook series Mind Your Precious Self.

Information About Working With Me

Our therapeutic relationship begins with a phone call or an email conversation. I will help you help yourself. I don’t have a magic wand and even if I did this is about me working to empower you to find the solutions that lie within you so that you have the means to live your epic life in the best way you can.

I am a Counselling Psychotherapy Supervisior accredited with the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy IACP. At the moment I have a full complement of Supervisees. When I have space I will announce it here. However when I teach the Energy Therapy Technique I supervise and mentor all students through the Course.

Not everyone is suitable for Counselling Psychotherapy or the Energy Therapy Technique especially if on heavy medication or having experienced  psychotic episodes. If a client or supervisee’s client needs psychiatric care I am happy to recommend make a referral. 

Certain medical health insurance companies accept Counselling Psychotherapy services and I am happy to provide you with a receipt to recup this expense yourself.

Ways to connect

My clinic is currently fully booked but there are many other ways you can work with me from my ‘Mind Your Precious Self’ Talks, my Holistic Workshops and also the Energy Therapy Technique Training.