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Change a Little, Change a Lot

If your body is trying to tell you something…. listen and all will be well. I wrote 'Change a Little to Change a Lot' as a hands-on guide to restoring balance to your busy lifestyle.

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I show you how the holistic approach to improving your life is easy to achieve. Packed with easy to follow tips, my book reveals how to assess and improve all aspects of your life, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. By changing one thing at a time, and really focusing on it, you are much more likely to succeed in creating the life you want. I approach all areas of change in a holistic way, and show you how we can achieve a sustainable rhythm by taking practical steps, and staying in tune with our body and mind.

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Here are a selection of books that I am honoured to have published. The Moon Mná Diary-Journal is an annual edition in its 5th year. I co-edited ‘Soul Seers’ with shamanic artist Barbara O’Meara.

Moon Mná Diary-Journal

€20.00 including Tax.

For those whose heart beats with Celtic Soul, this Moon Mná Diary-Journal offers the gift of personal sacred time to reflect, just like Grandmother Moon. The word ‘mná’ means ‘women’ in Gaelic, the beautiful native language of Ireland and is pronounced ‘meh-naw’.

Soul Seers

€20.00 including Tax.

A fascinating publication which will appeal to anyone embarking on a spiritual quest and indeed to anyone who is interested in exploring Celtic culture, heritage and contemporary Irish Celtic Shamanism. The creative expressions of 13 people walking the path of natured based spirituality. 

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Relaxation Meditations

These are specially designed meditations to offer you a resource to bring calm and tranquility for  all aspects of life.