Fáilte Welcome

I am honoured to be of service offering you my academic, counselling psychotherapeutic and holistic shamanic therapy skills as well as my past experiences as an Irish woman who has, through tried and tested ways, come to know that we have all that we need within to be the best that we can be: empowered, confident and happy in our own skin.  This is our birthright and I am delighted to be able to help you fulfill your potential at this stage of your epic life.

My Offerings

There are many ways to engage with the various services here from regular tips and advice on my Instagram and Facebook page to complimentary regular Podcasts and Blog posts. I constantly receive feedback on my very popular self-paced Cleanse Challenge which you may wish to explore. If you are a Counsellor or Therapist you might consider further training with me to bring a spiritual dimension to your clinical practice.

The Rhiannon Therapeutic Clinic

Having worked as a Counselling Psychotherapy for over 25 years, I have currently closed my clinic as I am focusing on writing and teaching to bring my offerings to a wider audience.

Mind Your Precious Self Podcast

After my daily Instagram and Facebook holistic detox posts during the Covid-19 pandemic, this series mushroomed organically into a variety of short Talks and Podcasts which you may enjoy self-paced.

The Energy Therapy Technique

This innovative technique facilitates therapists harness an energetic and spiritual dimension in their clients quest for wholeness. I have a self-paced introduction and an in-person Course.

Holistic Workshops and Talks

I offer both corporate and local communities advice during innovative and highly informative sessions which are both educational, fun and life changing. I offer a variety of holistic and well-being topics.

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Let me introduce myself...

I am a Dubliner, the child who played with the faeries at the end of my granny’s garden full of wonder and delight. Soon I realised that this was not necessarily encouraged at school or at home! I loved learning, fascinated by the wisdom and knowledge of books and life itself. I am a Counselling Psychotherapist and an Irish Celtic Shamanic Energy Therapist and over the years I trained, but no longer practice, as a Scientist and Holistic Therapist including Yoga, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki. However I harness all of my training and life experiences to offer you a variety of options to be the best you can be.