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With the Covid-19 pandemic I wanted to offer something to those who were also feeling unanchored, sad and anxious. I started to post daily on Instagram and Facebook on a myriad of topics based around building up our immune system and resetting our lives to the new ‘normal’. I coalesced all my previous seemingly disparate training and life experience to offer advice that was physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. At the time I had no idea what would happen next but it felt important to do. My heart was so lifted by the huge response in social media comments and by email. This tiny seed grew quickly into a fledgling Oak. Here below are the Free Talks and Workshops that have sprung from these small beginnings. I hope you like them and consider joining me some day.


This class is for anyone

who is feeling out of balance and yearns to know more about how to achieve this holistically in healthy way that is sustainable

This class offers you

an opportunity to understand and overcome any blockages to being as healthy as you can be, particularly any mental (lack of self-esteem) and emotional (comfort eating) habits.

You will learn how

to cleanse your system and reset your food, exercise and healthy lifestyle ways put these practices into action in your life

Who is it suitable for

anyone with an interest in exploring the reasons why you are out of balance and look at ways to deal with it - both the habit and the underlying issue


These classes are for anyone who

enjoys my social media posts and wants to explore a subject in more depth in community.

You'll come away with

tried and trusted techniques and advice to implement straight away in your routine.

What you'll learn

why old habits are ingrained, how to release them making space for healthy behaviours.

Who is it suitable for

anyone who is called to change their life for the better, yearning to make new habits and create healthy behaviours.

What's Included

time with Karen in an online community either Webinar format (the Talks) or in a Conference type call (the Workshops).

Upcoming Talks

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