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With the Covid-19 pandemic I wanted to offer something to those who were also feeling unanchored, sad and anxious. I started to post daily on Instagram and Facebook on a myriad of topics based around building up our immune system and resetting our lives to the new ‘normal’. I coalesced all my previous seemingly disparate training and life experience to offer advice that was physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. At the time I had no idea what would happen next but it felt important to do. My heart was so lifted by the huge response in social media comments and by email. This tiny seed grew quickly into a fledgling Oak. Here below are the Free Talks and Workshops that have sprung from these small beginnings. I hope you like them and consider joining me some day.


practical tips

I feel that small do-able steps are important. Advice that is easy to try and translate into new behaviours and habits that will become part of your epic life.


Often clients share that they felt so alone with their issue thinking that they are the only ones experiencing these symptoms now they are in good company.

Holistic Living

I am a big advocate of harnessing our mind, body and soul together as each of these vital parts work synergistically so we can be the best we can be.

Detox Advice

Our human system is now often overloaded by certain foods such as sugar, alcohol and trans fats. I offer simple tips to cut down with tasty alternatives. 

Academic research

Where possible I use my academic skillset to enhance the tried and tested tips I offer most of which have been trialed personally by me over the years.

Keep it simple

All my Talks and Workshops come from the premise that if the advice is simple and makes sense then it is easy to action and weave into a daily habit.

A Taste of the Series

This series was born during the Covid-19 pandemic – a time to be inventive to keep body, mind and soul together. These simple yet powerful offerings were designed to boost the immune system, detox body and mind while bringing a deeper connection to Celtic soul through a combination of holistic therapies (Yoga, Nutrition, Stress Management, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology) with my love of Nature, Celtic Shamanism and my academic studies.
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Day 1: Stillness

This was the starting point on how to foster stillness so we can hear what we need to from within rather. You can listen to the video where we began our journey to bring our self care practices to the fore, looking after our selves and recognising that we are precious and worthy of this.

Day 2: Move

Exercise, do you actually do it AND do it mindfully? So back in the day, I would force myself to go to the gym or whatever the fad of the day was and of course fall off the proverbial wagon after a few weeks. Frustrated, guilty and even, dare I say it, shamed. This ridiculous cycle was not helping me physically, mentally or emotionally. So I stopped and had a good think about why I was reluctant to do something I knew was good for me – I have a body so I need to exercise it regularly. Now I walk in nature happily.

Day 5: Letting Go

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, I was shocked, incredulous, and mesmerised listening to the radio, tv and social media non stop, probably like everyone else. I settled in as best we could.  I think, dare I say it, the novelty wore off and the unbelievable situation began to fully dawn on me – people are dying, this is worldwide, I am trapped at home etc. I had to allow myself to shed tears of frustration, sadness, dance with anger and rest to recuperate. Then resilience kicked in .

Day 7: Sugar

I was a sugar fiend back in the day – 3 heaped spoonfuls in my tea, a gooey caca mílis and of course alcohol is liquid sugar too. There are plenty of healthy alternatives and the effect on our body and mind of a sugar detox is huge – clear, calm and grounded. One step at a time to release the grip of this hidden addiction is what it takes.

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Day 17: Decluttering

I am a typical Capricorn, practical, neat and organised but I do love beautiful old treasures which can take over the house. How could I possibly let go that card from a dear friend or ornament gifted with love from my niece? You know how it is, over the years your living space grows full of stuff with no room to move. My beloved books were the hardest,  giving away a precious way that I treasured, they brought me so much joy over the years.

Day 21: Feeding my Celtic soul

This is a photo of the place in our home where I keep all my precious sacred objects. It is beside the space where I do my yoga and mediation called ‘Searmanas’ Gaelic for ‘Morning Ritual’. This sets me up for the day ahead. I have a regular 15 minute version and a quickie 5 minute one too. Each item has significance and meaning for me.


Mind Your Precious Self Classes

These classes are for anyone who

enjoys my social media posts and wants to explore a subject in more depth in community.

You'll come away with

tried and trusted techniques and advice to implement straight away in your routine.

What you'll learn

why old habits are ingrained, how to release them making space for healthy behaviours.

Who is it suitable for

anyone who is called to change their life for the better, yearning to make new habits and create healthy behaviours.

What's Included

time with Karen in an online community either Webinar format (the Talks) or in a Conference type call (the Workshops).

Upcoming Dates - May 2022


The Secrets of Ageless Aging

Date & Time:

May 2022 TBC


8.00-9.00pm (Irish Time)


€15.00 per class


Online via Zoom Webinar