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It is time to harness the Spring energies of the season and the can-do attitude of Irish Celtic Goddess and Matron Saint of Ireland, Brigid with a thorough cleanse of our beautiful bodies and our busy minds.

Did you know that cleansing your body is a fantastic way to look and feel great, boost your energy levels and detox your immune system and it’s not as hard as you think. Toxins are basically anything not natural to your body systems– smoke, pollution, E additives, unnatural fats, highly processed sugars, colourings and flavourings etc in food. Over years they clog up your body, soak up all your natural energy, age your facial skin and drain away your motivation leaving you feeling down. If this all sounds familiar then what can you do that is manageable and more important sustainable? Here are some tried and tested tips that you can begin straight away.


Fresh Air, Active Body

This is an obvious one but you might be very surprised by how often we think about exercise rather than actually do it AND do it mindfully. Years ago, I would force myself to go to the gym or whatever the fad of the day was and of course fall off the proverbial wagon after a few weeks. Frustrated, guilty and even, dare I say it, shamed. This ridiculous cycle was not helping me physically, mentally or emotionally. So, I stopped and had a good think about why I was reluctant to do something I knew was good for me – I have a body so I need to exercise it. Exerciese is so important to move our food through our digestive systems and eliminate waste everyday so our bodies are not sluggish or lethargic.

Let’s have a look at this aspect of our lives another way. If you had a dog, you would want to bring him for his necessary walks and playtime. If you had a little one, she would need to run around a garden/green space not just for exercise but for fresh air and to commune with nature. So why do not include ‘ourselves’ in this vital part of life? Often if we are honest it was all about priorities and leaving ourselves last. You know how it goes “I will do it in a minute, I’ll just do this first…” then we become depleted and lethargic, not fun to be around. What to do? 

To start have a good ‘chat’ with your body – a fascinating conversation I can tell you! Personally ‘not impressed’ were the words that come to mind. I realised that I love to walk and cycle so could I manage either every day or at least 5 times a week? Now when I plan my day, I see what I have to do and think could I walk or cycle to a meeting? Sorted! I have favourite routes – my River Liffey walk – basic 20 minutes, my Phoenix Park walk – 40 mins/1 hour. My cycles tend to be to town – 20 mins or a fabulous circuit of the Park – 1 hour. What comes to mind for you?

An important point, certainly here in Ireland, is to invest in good all-weather clothes. We don’t call this the Emerald Isle for nothing! It doesn’t matter how you move as long as you do. This is not a luxury but a necessity at any age. So today head on out to mother nature’s glory and move. If you can’t leave the house then dance in your kitchen or find one of the many free fitness classes online.


Calm and Relaxed Thoughts

Did you know that just because a thought pops into your head doesn’t mean you have to continue thinking about it? Our magnificent brains work like a computer, random thoughts pop up as we receive external stimulus and internal promptings emerge perhaps of things we need to look after but haven’t yet.

Our thoughts serve us very well unless they are anxious, negative ones and we find ourselves ruminating about them constantly. You know how it goes…a restless sleep, rain, cold, late for a meeting and you begin to think about possible consequences then, in the blink of an eye, old negative thinking surfaces “I am useless”, “they must think I’m stupid/careless” to an onward spiral of depression. 

1) We need to deal with the origins of the thought by having a good hard look at it from all angles. For example, “am I always late?” “Yes!”. Then:

2) Ask yourself “Can I change that habit or wreck my head daily? Stop then ‘own’ the negative thought and either do something about it or let it go. Foster a new habit of being on time OR ask your friends does it really matter if you are fashionably a few minutes late each time.


These two simple ways to cleanse your body and mind will go a long way to ease you into Spring full of vim and vigour. However, if you want more then I have a simple and highly effective online Course that you can do self-paced in your own time. This Cleanse is holistic in approach and done in conjunction with your regular routine and three meals a day for a limited period of time: two weeks.  After this you may incorporate some elements into your normal healthy eating and living, which is sustainable to maintain your good work, vibrant energy levels and positive outlook. All details below.

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